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Dalmatian Stone was formed by D'Yehgo in 2017.


A conversation with Earl almost two years prior where some musical ideas had been tossed about, laid the creative foundation for what was to become a sort of "All Star" Band. It all started with a vision, It was shared with the right people and the Dalmatian Stone Family was born!

Rather than go about things in the traditional sense; Form Band, Write Songs, Rehearse, Play Gigs, Record Album. The band decided they would focus on writing and recording upfront. The result of this approach produced 22 tracks in total over the course of a year; 15 of which made the final selection known now as DECIPH3R. 



D'Yehgo - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Earl Tolliver - Bass

Mike Dodge - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Brian Sproul - Keyboards/ Backing Vocals

Tom Taylor - Drums

Steve Boersma - Percussion/Sax

Ed Garcia - Percussion

Katie Sarb - Backing Vocals


Into The Mystephonic

Evolution Beyond Revolution

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